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Wine Horse

19"h x 29"l x 6"w;

Photo by Melisa Kroening

I like that the animal kingdom is a nearly inexhaustible source of ideas, when it comes to adaptation and variety. If there is a way to survive, no matter how inhospitable the environment, some creature has discovered how to occupy that niche. To me it isn’t so far fetched to imagine, given the right opportunity and specific favorability of a given trait, that my “Wine Horse” could come to exist 

in reality. I’m not saying that it seems likely, but neither does a kangaroo or a narwhale, or even a moose seem likely! We live in a world of almost unimaginably diverse realities, where truth is often stranger than fiction, and all of our best minds continue to be stumped on even some very basic questions. I’m not in the business of understanding nuclear physics or genetics. I just would like a horse that I can pack full of stuff that doesn’t require any talent for tying knots!

All Rights Reserved, David Crawford; 2019