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Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Welcome to the colorful underbelly of my life as an artist, scratching and grinding and playing with fire at the end of a dead-end road, just south and a bit east of downtown nowhere. It is my intent in this blog to offer occasional insights on new works in progress, and maybe a bit of perspective now and then as to what might inspire me to make the things I make, or in simpler words, "Why do I bother?".

First off, a huge thank-you to my bride, Tori, for all the work she put into this website! It is truly beyond my capabilities to have created such a thing. Secondly, thanks to our excellent friends Anna, Terry, Jim, Norah, and Liz for all their support on this project! It is amazing to watch such competent and talented people at work! Beating on things and melting things and generally thrashing about in my shop is simple work compared to what I've witnessed going on to create a website; a website dedicated to my beating on and melting of things, no less!

Any web-presence I have had up to this point has been entirely the work of others, and not really something that Tori or I have tried to participate in. With this website, we hope to better communicate with those who might find my work of interest, and to keep the information more current.

Without knowing any better, I guess I will say this: Feedback through the "contact" link is welcome. We will try to be responsive to constructive criticism, and to have the hide of an alligator in deflecting pugilistic commentary intended to rupture my soft underbelly. Just getting this website launched has been a challenge, and so a certain amount of understanding is requested. Maybe quite a lot of understanding. Not my strong suit, but hopefully yours!

Anyway, until we know what it is that we have created, I'll leave it at this. Thanks for visiting, and I hope our efforts have been informative, or at least not a waste of your time!


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