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On Down Valentine Lane: underpants romance

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

Okay! Let’s get er’ goin’ here! Do I hear a hunnert, hear a hunnert, hear a hunnert? I got a hunnert right there, do I hear two? Two, two, two? How bout a hunnert an a half? Hunnert and a half? Hunnert an a half? You’re not lookin’ there boys! A pair of underwear like that, if they belonged to Madonna, would go for three thousand dollars! Okay, hunnert and a quarter, and let’s get her goin’. Hunnert and a quarter? Hunnert an a quarter? Hunnert an a quarter??? Going…..Going….

[ editor's note: If you have not read previous blog, "A Guilt trip down Valentine Lane", this entry will make no sense at all.]

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