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Bronze aardvark sculpture with suitcase, toothbrush and neckerchief.
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Bronze sculpture of an aardvark dressed in a plaid shirt on walk-about.
Bronze sculpture of a long nosed aardvark with travel bags.

Aardvark in Plaid

13"h x 36"L x 6"w; 
Photo by Melisa Kroening

Travel is a common theme in my work. The concept that we may be able to just load up and go somewhere, when we need a little variety, is comforting to the soul. We aren’t all equally mobile. Even in the most mobile of times, while some can scurry about quite at will, others, by choice, or by necessity, will walk a narrow and familiar path, each and every day. My work and my circumstances afford for more mobility than some, and less than others. But I love going places and seeing things, even if just in the next county. There is almost unimaginable variety on our planet, and nobody gets to see it all. With my piece, “Aardvark”, I was considering that we people most certainly can’t be alone in our delight at exploring the 

world. I mean, it can’t all be about food, can it? Not even for an aardvark. I know other creatures like to explore, and I appreciate that our species does make an effort to keep it possible for those who travel on more legs, to continue to do so. Part of seeing other places is seeing other creatures. Our lives are infinitely richer for that experience.

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